Appy 0.9.7


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Appy 0.9.7

Appy 0.9.7 includes a nice new feature for pod and px: the possibility to use multiple variables in "for" statements, ie: for a, b, c in list. Moreover, at the pod level, a new statement, named "meta-if", can be defined to let notes unevaluated or not, depending on a meta-condition written in Python.

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.7 corresponds to revision 399. Details are hereafter.

pod (and px for some items)

pod and px use the same base. In the list of improvements hereafter, those impacting pod and px as well are prefixed with "[pod, px]".

  • added option '-v' for verbose output.
  • Implemented the 'meta-if' condition that can be used within a pod note to leave a note unevaluated in the result.
  • xtml2odt: added the possibility to define key 'para' in styles mappings = a meta-tag representing tags p, div and blockquote.
  • [pod, px] Bugfix (error management).
  • [pod, px] Allow to write 'for' statements with multiple variables, ie: for a, b, c in list.


  • [gen] First use of multi-variabled 'for' statements (ie: for a, b in list) within PXs.


- allow to reactivate inactive users if they come again via the SSO.

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