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Appy 0.9.6

Appy 0.9.6 includes a major improvement at the pod level: the possibility to define multiple statements within a single note. With the previous limitation of a single statement per note, you were sometimes forced to define additional sections and 1-cell tables in the unique objective to add a statement. Now, you can define one or several variables, a "for" statement and a "if" statement in a single note. Here are some examples of multi-statement notes.

In this example, variable "groups" is first defined and used in the following "for" statement. The next "if" statement prevents groups having no persons to be dumped into the result.

do text with groups = getGroups()
for group in groups
if groups.persons

In example below, the "with" statement is executed for every iteration within the "for" statement.

do text for group in groups
with persons=group.persons

There is not limit in the combination of "if", "for" and "with" statements. The following example performs a double "for", iterating over every person within every group.

do text with groups = getGroups()
for group in groups
with persons = group.persons
for p in persons
if'P') or'R')

Remember that several variables can be defined in a single "with" statement: you must separate them by a semicolon (;).

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.6 corresponds to revision 390. Details are hereafter.


  • Allow to use conditions in conditional fields to let field content unevaluated.
  • xhtml2odt: support all legal values for CSS attribute 'font-size'.
  • Implemented multiple statements (if-for-with) within a single note.


  • String field: for fields with format=String.TEXT, width can now be expressed in pixels.
  • More work on default values for field's 'view' attributes.


  • bugfixes.
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