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12:13 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 889: Create branch to work on : clone item to other ...


05:38 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 871: Removed Participants.mayAdd used for Meeting.participants 'add' parameter, now True...
05:26 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 870: Display Guest column for participants of a meeting
05:22 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 869: Display the add Participant button on meeting without restriction as a participant ...
05:20 pm Appy (Python 3) Evolution #665 (Nouveau): Highlight freshly added row when selecting a new reference
When selecting a new reference, the table is updated but you search for newly inserted row, this would be nice to hig...
05:01 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 868: Added possibility to add a participant directly as a meeting manager, this should e...
04:50 pm Appy (Python 3) Anomalie #664 (Nouveau): When editing an element, the element title is no more visible
That could be interesting to always display the element title (generated or not) when editing an element.
This is ...
04:45 pm Appy (Python 3) Evolution #663 (Nouveau): Display a greyed delete icon with a help message when deletion is not p...
Instead hidding the delete red icon, replace it with a greyed one displaying a help message on hover


05:05 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 861: Added guest usage and status


04:41 pm HubSessions (code) Revision 858: Renamed hsUsers to users

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