CELLaVI stands for Center of Expertise for Open Source use in a Business Context. It is an initiative to foster adoption of Open Source software in the Walloon region (Belgium). The project is focused on software editors (ISVs), software services companies as well as end users. The project intends to provide a unique entry point for these professionals by grouping together all relevant topics for use and development of Open Source applications. CELLaVI is tackling specific aspects of Open Source such as software components quality, software life-cycle, development process, business models, legal aspects, Open Hardware, training. The project will also provide a collaborative environment supporting the related innovative services and tools. CELLaVI is coordinated by CETIC, in partnership with the research centre on ICT and law (CRID) of the University of Namur (FUNDP) for legal issues, Multitel is working on training aspects, and the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (FPMs) for economic models.

Nombreuses sont les entreprises wallonnes à être intéressées par le logiciel libre, tant du point de vue technologique qu’économique. Les conditions d’accès au logiciel libre ne leur paraissent cependant pas claires. L’initiative CELLaVI (Centre d’Expertise en Logiciel Libre à Vocation Industrielle) coordonnée par le CETIC, en collaboration avec le CRID, Multitel et la FPMs apporte des réponses aux entreprises motivées par le logiciel libre.

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