Appy 0.9.8

This release is, at the pod level, a bugfix release. Work has been done on the other parts of the framework: bugfixes, too, and minor improvements as detailed hereafter.

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.8 corresponds to revision 415. Details are hereafter.


  • xhtml2odt: improved management of table borders.
  • xhtml2odt: refined management of table cells' padding.
  • xhtml2odt: bugfixes.
  • doc_importers: PDF importer: bugfix.
  • Default table cell parameters taken from LibreOffice 5.1.6.
  • Bugfix: the 'minus' sign had no effect anymore when combining several actions into a single note.


  • More work on default values for field's "show" attributes (class Appy.Show)
  • More work on layouts.
  • Better error reporting for admins.
  • Added the possibility to define the width of the confirm popup, by gen-class.
  • Better error reporting to avoid tracebacks in log files.
  • File field: added attributes File.render and File.icon allowing to render the file as a clickable icon on 'cell' layouts.
  • String field: allow to render URLs as clickable links on 'cell' layouts.
  • Dict field: added the possibility to define separation rows.
  • Info field: added a default layout.
  • Ref field: bugfix.
  • Config.users: added column 'name' allowing to sort users by name.
  • Creation of special users: removed log duplicate.


  • Created class appy.shared.utils.PasswordGenerator.
  • Added date-related utility methods.
  • bugfixes
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