Appy 0.9.16

This release contains bugfixes, functional as well as performance improvements, on all framework parts.

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.16 corresponds to revision 967. Details are hereafter.


  • ConvertImporter: bugfix + generate temp POD file in the temp folder.
  • keep-wih-next functionality: bugfix (support for entities used within attributes).
  • do... from pod: bugfix: inclusion of styles in the master document, originating from slave documents.
  • Added a new visitor for parser appy.pod.xhtml, allowing to clean empty paragraphs.
  • Added new parameter 'tabbedCR' to the Renderer.
  • Added new parameter 'loadWait'.


  • Text field: allow formatting (bold, italic...) to spread more than one pararaph.
  • List field: bugfix (with Select sub-fields)
  • Action field: bugfix.
  • Select field: bugfix (generate i18n labels).
  • Select field: more work on default layouts.
  • Enable inline-editing for inner Text fields.
  • Pod field: default formats when showTemplate returns True: bugfix. [gen] Select field: layouts: bugfix.
  • Pod field: LibreOffice filters corresponding to Microsoft formats now proposed by defaut are: .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx
  • Info field: added one more standard layout.
  • Ref field: Separator: allow to give a translated text, instead of a i18n label.
  • Ref field: new attribute 'showGlobalActions' allow to show/hide global actions (a boolean or a method producing it may be specified).
  • Ref field: added new parameter 'creators' allowing to override static attribute Class.creators and determine if someone may create instances of a class depending on its local roles on the source object of a Ref field.
  • Ref field: possible values within filters: avoird having duplicate entries.
  • Ref field: minor CSS fix on the 'link' button.
  • Multilingual fields: added the 'cell' language layout.
  • Master/slaves whose masters are sets of checkboxes: bugfix.
  • Calendar field: allow to display gradients for rendering events that do not span a whole day within timeline calendars.
  • Calendar field: more flexibility for defining cell's background colors for timeline calendars.
  • Added field 'Hour' allowing to determine hours independently of any notion of date.
  • Hour field: added some arithmetic operations on hours.
  • Allow a monovalued select field with render=checkbox to be a master in a master/slave relationship.
  • Bugfix: property 'container' did not work while creating an object from code.
  • Filtering and sorting: bugfixes.
  • Authentication contexts: added new attribute 'noContextPosition'.
  • Added a parameter to class AuthenticationContext, allowing to redirect the user to its home page after switching context.
  • Authentication contexts: bugfixes.
  • Improved compatibility with IE 11.
  • UI: added the possibility to define a custom condition for showing the tool icon in the UI
  • Base object: one may now define method 'onCancel', similar to 'onEdit', called by Appy when an object creation or update is canceled.
  • Base model: User::roles is now a Select(render='checkbox').
  • Base class 'User' is now folderish by default.
  • Field User::role - Showability: bugfix.
  • Manage robots.txt (backport from Appy 1.0).
  • Users: allows anyone having write access to a user to reset its password, excepted the user itself, because he has the 'edit' form allowing to choose a new password.
  • i18n translations: bugfix and improvements in German.
  • Added one more default page layout.
  • Bugfixes in default layouts.
  • Workflow-related method 'getEvents' can now accept a DateTime instance in a parameter 'notBefore'.
  • e-mail sending: performance fix.
  • e-mail sending: allow to specify an additional condition by executing a method on class User.
  • Manage errors when switching from/to a site having a context in its cookie and a site having no context.
  • Workflow: a special mode can be activated on an object ('localRolesOnly'). In this mode, the workflow behaves differently: it only checks local roles (and thus it ignores the user's global roles).
  • Workflow transitions: added value 'referer' for parameter 'redirect'.
  • Javascript master/slave code improved
  • Added a new widget for rendering account-related data in the UI.
  • Changed the technique to close the iframe popup, in order to enable actions-with-options to return a file.
  • More possibilities for inline editing.
  • New implementation for tabs, without the set of 6 images for simulating rounded corners.
  • Performance improvement: get, in most cases, objects from brains using method _unrestrictedGetObject() instead of getObject(), that performs already performed security checks.


  • SSO allow to define a function allowing to trigger specific behaviour when a user is linked in a group from the SSO plug-in.
  • iCal: improvements to the Appy > iCal mapping.
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