Appy 0.9.12

This release contains bugfixes, minor functional as well as performance improvements, on all framework parts.

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.12 corresponds to revision 644. Details are hereafter.


  • [PX also] Allow multiple variable initialization based on unpacking expression's results, ie: do text with a, b, c = exprReturningATuple()
  • Added param 'maxWidth' to function 'do ... from document()', and corresponding param 'imagesMaxWidth' to function do ... from xhtml() for defining a max width (expressed as a float, representing cm) for images to be imported. Default value is special string 'page', that will be converted to the page width, in cm, of the default document page style, minus the margins.
  • Set the result file name (without extension) into the pod result's 'title' property (in meta.xml).
  • Renderer.metadata can directly contain the title of the result (property in meta.xml).
  • Renderer: added param 'distributeColumns' allowing to apply the homonym algorithm provided by LibreOffice for producing tables whose column widths are evenly distributed.
  • doc_importers: bugfix
  • xhtml2odt: support CSS attribute 'border: undefined' although not being standard CSS.
  • xhtml2odt (styles mapping): added the possibility to define a special attribute representing the element's parent, ie: p[parent=td].
  • xhtml2odt: bugfix: several threads could edit the same static attribute appy/pod/


  • Ref field: queries from Ref objects (queryable=True): performance fix.
  • Ref field: apply, in some PXs, multiple variable initialization (see above this new pod/px functionality)
  • String field: no mode max chars by default for textareas.
  • Pod field: working icon: bugfix (when confirm is True).
  • added TLS support, compatible with all Python interpreters; added time measurement.
  • Added method AbstractWrapper::goto, wrapping BaseMixin::goto.


  • added support for tables.
  • bugfix.


  • use appy.gen.mail instead of sending mail via duplicate code. Added support for TLS as well.
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