Appy 0.9.11

This release contains bugfixes, minor functional as well as performance improvements, on all framework parts.

Detailed changelog

Appy 0.9.11 corresponds to revision 620. Details are hereafter.


  • Repaired test (images import) due to new parameter xhtml(keepImagesRatio)
  • xhtml2odt: allow to apply a specific class on li tags that is used to apply an ODT style on the corresponding ODT inner paragraph.
  • xhtml2odt: CSS color expressed as rgb() or rgba(): bugfix.
  • xhtml2odt: added a preprocessor allowing to give non-XHTML HTML code to function 'xhtml', ie 'do ... from xhtml(htmlString, html=True).
  • Added parameter 'html' to the Renderer (see Renderer's docstring).
  • Added a new way to encode pod expressions, via database fields (ODF tag 'text:database-display'). Thanks to Frederic Meurou. Added parameter 'expressionsHolders' to the Renderer allowing to choose the technique(s) for encoding pod expressions. Available techniques are documented in Renderer's static attribute 'allExpressionsHolders'.
  • meta-if statements: reinject the reified statement in the result: bugfix.


  • Ref field: open a popup with link='popupRef' in edit mode: bugfix.
  • List field: create additional rows with the keyboard: bugfix.
  • Calendar field: bugfix (email sending).
  • Better error handling: no more traceback for anyone, 'admin' excepted. Produce a specific error message for all ZODB ConflictError exceptions.
  • Management of conflict errors: improved log.
  • Allow to download POD results even when being on an edit page, by defining the form target being the Appy iframe.
  • Cache directives: improvements.
  • Config.test can now be a classmethod.
  • The tool can now define a method named 'initialiseRequest' for caching info on the request.
  • Added a parameter Config.loginTransform allowing to apply a transform (ie, lower) to the login as encoded by the user.


  • Improvements brought to class utils.Text2Html
  • ldap_connector: bugfix (apply login transform).
  • - class TextReplacements: bugfix.
  • parsing of CSS 'color' attribute of the form rgba(...): bugfix.
  • manage timeouts when receiving the HTTP request (and not just when connecting to a distant HTTP resource).
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