Appy: Appy 0.9.5 has been released

Added by Gaëtan Delannay over 2 years ago

Appy 0.9.5 is available on Pypi @
Release notes: 0_9_5

HubSessions: HubSessions 3 - Nouveautés

Added by Gaëtan Delannay almost 3 years ago

CELLaVI: Short downtime today (may 29th) at 12:00

Added by Redmine Admin over 7 years ago

Sorry for the inconvenience...

CELLaVI: Maintenance

Added by Redmine Admin almost 8 years ago

Virtual machine hosting this forge must be cold copied to prepare move to another virtualization platform.

CELLaVI: Forge back online

Added by Redmine Admin over 8 years ago

The forge has been migrated to a new virtual machine and upgraded to version 1.1.3 stable 6000.

Don't hesitate to contact admin at cetic in case of problem.

CELLaVI: Forge down for maintenance

Added by Redmine Admin over 8 years ago

Forge will be down on Thursday 9th of June 2011 from 4PM. It will be back on line on Friday morning at the latest.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Please contact admin at cetic dot be for more information.

CELLaVI: Nouvelle page de description - Updated description page

Added by Damien Hubaux almost 9 years ago

La page de description du projet Cellavi a été migrée sur la forge Pallavi.

The web page describing the Cellavi project has been moved to the Pallavi forge.

Retroweb: Le projet Retroweb, premier sur la forge PALLaVI

Added by Joseph Roumier about 10 years ago

Le projet Retroweb - -, développé par le CETIC - - et libéré sous licence Affero GPL - - sera maintenant hébergé dans PALLaVI -

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