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Added by Marc Dubrowski about 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

Status:FerméStart date:06/21/2017
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Gaëtan Delannay% Done:


Category:HubSessions Collège
Target version:-


Quand je clique sur "analyses"

EvaluationError: Error while evaluating expression "zobj.getSubTitle()". NameError: global name 'row' is not defined (line 1) File "/home/plone/Hs3College/lib/python/appy/gen/mixins/", line 1037, in getSubTitle if hasattr(obj, 'getSubTitle'): return obj.getSubTitle() File "/home/plone/Hs3College/lib/python/CollegeSchaerbeek/", line 474, in getSubTitle if privacyViewable: res += self.getBudgetXhtml(totalsOnly=forPod) or '' File "/home/plone/Hs3College/lib/python/HubSessions/", line 1825, in getBudgetXhtml return helpers.XhtmlBudget(self, totalsOnly).get(prefixed) File "/home/plone/Hs3College/lib/python/HubSessions/", line 228, in get row = self.getRow(isExpense, plainObject, obj, amount, i==0) File "/home/plone/Hs3College/lib/python/HubSessions/", line 162, in getRow identifier = row.identifier exceptions.NameError: global name 'row' is not defined


#1 Updated by Gaëtan Delannay over 1 year ago

  • Project changed from HubSessions to HubSessions (Schaerbeek)
  • Status changed from Nouveau to Résolu
  • Assignee set to Gaëtan Delannay

#2 Updated by Gaëtan Delannay 2 months ago

  • Category set to HubSessions Collège

#3 Updated by Gaëtan Delannay 2 months ago

  • Status changed from Résolu to Fermé

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